Wide view of Venice: Piazza San Marco - Riva degli Schiavoni


(Wheelbarrow Parade)

Probably one of those wild Carnival entertainment opposed to the gondolas parades and the big Canal Grande boat procession, with the Doge leading it all.

No masks, simple clothes, servant's hat, and each one a wheelbarrow, of course.

It was started out as a plebeian pastime in mid XVIII century from the people usually working with these small carts to deliver things around town (does it ring a bell?).

And it was later recognized as a fun opportunity for everybody to participate.

In 1751 things got more organized in Rialto and S. Maria Formosa neighborhood where the finishing lines were set. There were sponsors for the prizes, and big crowds.

Very actual: who says that amazon.com invented trade and promotion?

Watercolor by Giovanni Grevembroch: "Regata di carriole"
Giovanni Grevembroch: "Regata di carriole" (Wheelbarrow Regatta)
pen, ink & watercolor (18th century) - Museo Correr, Venezia

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