Wide view of Venice: Piazza San Marco - Riva degli Schiavoni

ZENDALE or Cendale - Silk lace Shawl

A neck wrap with many uses, also for men

TOP - A traditional Zendale
BOTTOM - Giovanni David:
"Le Zendale - Ou la Femme, qui revient de l'Eglise."
(The Zendale - Or the Woman, returning from Church.)
etching and aquatint on laid paper (1775)

The Zendale was the typical shawl that women used to go to church. But it got used also by men in their Carnival attire.

I am talking about the more classic Carnival period, the XVIII century.

In this ironic print by Giovanni David, we have it shown in its use, but who knows if the lady was coming back from Church ... or else.

And the dog too has something to complain about, and asks its owner:

"Atten donc, et permets que je preche à mon tour"

"Hey, listen and allow me to preach in my turn."

We can conjecture that "preaching" has a somewhat foul meaning, David was sort of a very heavy ironic and caricatural analyst of his times.

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