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Regional mask from Torino, Piedmont

Gianduja has an intense name/character birth, but in practice he is a quite simple person.

He's an honest peasant of the Piedmontese countryland, he likes good food, good wine (especially Brachetto d'Acqui) and beautiful girls. How can he go wrong.

But at the same time he is strictly faithful to his (jealous) lover Giacometta.

The character Gianduja originated ca. 1630 in Genova, with the name of Geralmo della Scrofa (Jerome of the sow). In the early 19th century, a puppeteer by the name of Giovanni Battista Sales got in trouble using the character for his shows, because Napoleon's brother name was Jérôme, and Napoleon's had just invaded the region ... so Sales had to flee to Piedmont.

At this point he changed the character's name to the Piedmontese "Gioann dla Doja", sort of "John of the Jug", since he liked to drink, which later will become Gianduja.

And in Turin, Piedmont you will find the Gianduja chocolate (branding!) and the Giandujotti which are really special.

Maurice Sand: "Gianduja" (year 1858)
engraving with hand coloring

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