Wide view of Venice: Piazza San Marco - Riva degli Schiavoni

Pantalone in Love

And the Zanni to help, and to hold the candle ...

In reality Pantalone is always in love, and the younger and harder to reach, the better.

And the faithful Zanni helps, but at the same time treates him like a moron, that is his little vengeance. Hard not to understand his point ...

“Ma mignoñe, mon bien, mõ ame,& mon coeur doux, De vostre pauure Esclave oyez une parole, Ainsi que dict Zany, mon sçauant protecolle, I’enrageray tout vif, si ne couche avec vous.”.

“My little one, my well-being, and my sweet heart, From your poor Slave, listen to a word, As the Zanni says, my wise assistant, I would become really mad, if I won’t sleep with you.”.

In both images we see the Zanni "Tenere la candela” (to hold the candle, in Italian) which is the classical situation of stealthy love adventures - usually at night - in which one of the persons is just being in charge of taking his master home.

Similar to the Códega, but it is here an established work/submission relationship, in which the Zanni simply has to take care of his master who is having all the fun. He won't be paid extra for sure.

Recueil Fossard: Pantalone and Donna Lucia
The British Museum courtesy

Pantalone serenading with a lute, next to his faithful Zanni.
Mural fresco in the Trausnitz Castle (Bavaria, DE)
by Alessandro Scalzi called "Il Paduano"
from a drawing by Friedrich Sustris (1575-79)

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